Safe and Sound website launched

and with the launch comes submissions!

Our submission window is currently open, and we accept poets and writers of any level of experience.

Safe and Sound publish poetry that speaks to people on an emotional level, which either demonstrates a wellbeing benefit to the reader or has given the author a wellbeing benefit.

Please send one poem (up to 40 lines) or piece of flash fiction (up to 300 words) with a short bio and a short paragraph about how writing has affected your wellbeing.

Send submissions to:

We do not mind simultaneous submissions, but if your piece is accepted elsewhere then please let us know so we can withdraw your submission.

You will be emailed with a date that your piece will be put on the website if successful.

We are a small website with specific criteria so can not always accept everything, though we would love to. Always keep writing, the main thing it should do is make you feel good!

Your work will always belong to you.

That's not all!

We are always looking for people to interview, review, write voluntary articles,etc., as long as they are connected to wellbeing writing. Please do get in touch via: if you have anything you think would be of interest to us and we can always consider it! 

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