Maggie Reed - Sorrow


I find Sorrow on my pillow.

It feels a little sharp.

I ask it to leave.

Sorrow nuzzles closer, pokes me.

It doesn’t offer a smile; a large tear

forms in the corner of its eye.

Sorrow stares me out.

Sorrow shifts position when I blink,

Sorrow drapes itself over my shoulders.

I can feel Sorrow’s spiky feet

digging in; holding on tight.

Sorrow whispers in my ear.

What if you could fly?

But I don’t want to.

You don’t want to stretch your wings?

I don’t have any wings.

Sorrow buries its nails deep into my shoulders.

I can help… if you want me to.

From the bedroom window I can see

the pavement shimmering below.

Sorrow tickles my neck.

Don’t be afraid, I can give you a soft landing.

I open the window, feel the sun on my face.

Please close the door behind you.

Maggie Reed, originally from Cumbria, now lives in West Malvern. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. She won first prize and also a highly commended in the Poem and a Pint competition (2019 and received a highly commended in the Settle Sessions Competition (2019). Maggie has been published in Orbis, Poetry Birmingham, Unpsychology and several times in The North magazine as well as online in The Lake, Message in a Bottle, Three Drops from a Cauldron and The Beach Hut. She has also been published in numerous anthologies. Maggie holds a Diploma in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes from the Metanoia Institute in London. She writes about her life experiences, often with a strong connection to the natural world.

How writing affects Maggie's wellbeing:

Maggie has found solace in writing throughout her life and has become a passionate advocate for writing for wellbeing. Since qualifying at the Metanoia Institute in London she has run small writing-for-wellbeing groups in Worcestershire, encouraging others to explore self-expression through writing. Previously she facilitated writing-for-wellbeing groups in London and Cumbria for people in recovery from long-term physical and mental health issues.

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