Julia McGuinness - Out of The Night

Out of The Night

Out of the night comes a dream

and out of the dream comes a star

and out of the star comes a hope

and out of the hope comes a footstep

and out of the footstep comes a journey

and out of the journey comes a place

that could not be reached in daylight

that could only come out of the dark.


Julia McGuinness is a writer, counsellor and writing practitioner based near Chester, where she runs writing workshops and counsels. Her particular interests are poetry and journalling, and she is currently filling a part-time volunteer role as Chester Cathedral’s Poet-in-Residence. She also runs Write for Growth workshops exploring writing for creativity and wellbeing as well as a journalling group Way With Words. Her publications include Writing our Faith (SPCK) and a poetry collection Chester City Walls (Poetry Space). She is currently developing her workshops online. Find out more at:


Please see Julia's previously published article "Balancing the Boundaries" here


How writing has affected Julia's wellbeing: "Whether creative or expressive, I have instinctively turned to words to support my wellbeing over years. I still have the journals that companioned me through tough times, where I found relief by pouring my heart out on the page. Writing enables me to express feelings, explore possibilities and clarify direction, track patterns, remember dreams and become absorbed in the adventure of creativity. It is my mainstay."

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