Craig Snelgrove - Transcendental


By Craig Snelgrove

I passed through my memories

after the minds mist evaporated

from the excesses of a decade

that has ended, and the memories seem

to belong to someone else in another life,

in another time, in another world,

and I have uncurled my universe

from its tangled state to finally make

sense of all that was murky.

It hurt me to be back out in the sun.

The colours transcended consciousness

and like a newborn the fuses sparked

into usage with every image that

burned its way past my eyes.

My mind was like a book

and the pages were flicked through.

What did I do and what have I done

to become so dumb to my own time,

inert in the static, tacitly knowing

I don’t know where I’m going,

or where I’ve been.

I wash away my pains in tears

and thank whatever it is that made the universe

for you.

Craig Snelgrove is a writer from Manchester, England. Craig holds an MA in Creative Writing and his work has previously been published locally in Live from Worktown anthologies and most recently in Worktown Words. Craig is also having work published by The Cabinet of Heed in the coming weeks. Craig currently works in Mental Health.

How Writing has affected Craig's Wellbeing: Writing is essential for me. It helps me understand the world and what’s going on in my life, as well as working through my own emotions and feelings. It makes me happy, and I recommend it to anyone who’s feeling down or stressed out. Don’t worry about it being good, just get the words out. It helps.

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