Antonia Kleopa - INFINITY


The warm water caresses my skin

As I bear the waves and ripples over and through

My whole body.

I take a deep breath and look up at the dark sky

Reminding me of the unknown–

-Space unknown-

Until I saw the glimpses of scattered stars across

Calling out to me as flickers of hope,

But not only did they shine

But stayed vacant in the sky

To remind me that

Whilst bathing in my element there is

Always light where dark lives;

Always Yin and Yang;

Always a way to look up to


Breathe–to discover that hope and stars are infinite.

To keep me living

As whole as I can to keep me hoping

As much as I can

In a world which fights simplicity.

Yet here, in this dream of an island

I find it.

I find home again,

I find me–my own island.


Antonia Kleopa is a British/Greek-Cypriot writer and actress from London. She has a degree in Acting and has started to explore writing along her creative journey including writing short plays as well as spoken word and poetry. She is also a content partner for Knotful which is a mental-health and well-being website which promotes mental health blogs:

How writing has affected my well-being:

Writing for me, has been a great creative outlet. I find it extremely therapeutic to express my feelings, emotions, and the inner depths that are difficult to explain at times. Mentally, it has helped me when I have struggled, since it has aided me in my expression. I have a strong visual memory, so I like to explore visuals and all the sense when I write. I like to write about things which we may not talk about, to tap into a deeper sense of vulnerability within.

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