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Safe and Sound has been created to feature poetry and flash fiction that instils a feeling of safety, 'sound-ness' and wellbeing in its reader.

This site will aim to publish the best examples of writing with an accompanying wellbeing writing statement submitted by the author. We are also interested in articles, interviews, reviews and potentially other voluntary writing, at the discretion of the press.

Although our press publishes exemplary pieces of writing, wellbeing writing in and of itself does not have to be anything publishable. Many wellbeing writing groups do not focus on the presentation of a piece, or how ‘correct’ it is, when using form, spelling and grammar but more so on the emotional benefits the material has provided the writer. Examples of these could be inspiring confidence to share pieces of writing in group situations, discovering new ‘tools’ to use in everyday life, or the sense of satisfaction that comes when using writing as a way of reflecting on your own life, behaviours and awareness.


Bethan Rees

Editor Bio

Bethan Rees is part-time Writing for Wellbeing facilitator. She has a strong passion for creative writing, especially when applied to wellbeing and mindfulness.  She grew up in Neath, South Wales and has lived in Cardiff, Pontypridd, South Dakota, Somerset, Bristol and now resides in Swindon. 

She has led writing workshops online and in person for creative writing groups, Alzheimer's patients and their carers, wellbeing workshops within the local community and for a 'wellbeing focus' in businesses. She also runs a Youtube channel "Let's Do Words" that publishes online exercises and writing prompts.  

She has always been drawn to wellbeing writing as she has suffered with mental health issues in the past. She has experienced loss and uses writing as a way of processing this, still to this day. Writing has helped her recognise and work through many different feelings and experiences. She really hopes that by doing this, she can replicate the help writing has given her for other people.

Her personal writing focuses on nature, mental health, family relationships and intertwining these with, at times, dark humour. 



BA (Hons) English with Drama

MSc Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (Ongoing - Final year)

Train the Trainer

Introduction to Counselling Skills